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“I press on toward the goal to win the heavenly prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 3:14




Are you a successful single Christian woman who wants to get married looking to break free from singleness (by hearing God’s voice)?

As successful Christian singles, we’ve invested most of our time in other areas of our lives and have the desire to be married by God.


It can often feel frustrating to figure out how to cultivate a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage. How is it possible that you’ve had SUCCESS in other areas of your life, but getting married seems impossible?


But it doesn’t need to be frustrating. The next steps can be laid out for you, helping you strategically partner with God to receive His marital blessing and breakthrough.





This is a set of courses designed and bundled to teach Christian women how to break free from spiritual barriers keeping singles from stepping into God's intended marital breakthrough. The courses are designed to encounter the power ministry of the Holy Spirit. Expect the unexpected as well was the miraculous. 

Take 4 MONTHS of your time for a blessing that's for a LIFETIME.
The suggested price is $995, but if this is not financially possible, please contact us to see what we can do.

Guaranteed satisfaction or we return your payment.

Here’s what you’ll learn and encounter:

4 connection points in your needed roadmap to break through spiritual barriers that will lead you to your marital breakthrough

Course No. 1: Connecting to Jesus as the Bridegroom

Course No. 2: Understanding divine versus human wisdom

Course No. 3: Healing emotional bondage from past wounds and relationships

Course No 4: Crushing 7 essential myths about Christian dating that keep singles single


  • 20 videos lessons with Spirit-empowered Bible and principle teachings not found in most churches

  • 20 worksheets to guide you through action steps and encounter the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

  • Bonus: Book of breakthrough Scriptures

It’s time to finally say “good-bye” to missed opportunities and to hear God clearly on what steps to take next even if you are in the season of waiting. Sign up for Breakthrough for Singles and learn how to receive God’s messages on what’s next in His plan for your marital blessing regardless of your past or present.


Coach & Mentor

Meet Your Pastoral 

HEADSHOT 1_21_23.png

Alice Ludwig had a successful career in the fashion industry and found herself in many relationships heading towards marriage, but never quite getting there. 

At one point God spoke to her about the man Hehad chosen for her. The Holy Spirit began to reveal the purity in this man’s heart and how he had been waiting for her too, but she was yet to see a face. By connecting to Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom, she gained new perspective on how to search and wait for her a potential spouse. 


There were spiritual layers that needed to unfold one after another using divine and human wisdom until God finally brought to her marital breakthrough giving her a Christ-centered marriage. Because she didn’t stop partnering with God at just one breakthrough, emotional bondages that she didn’t know existed from past memories and relationships were broken, setting her free to receive the martial breakthrough that brought her God's blessing of marriage.


At the age of 40 she and her husband welcomed their second child into their family. God honors the marriage covenant and His desire is to bless you too. Let Him bless you too.​


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