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Are you a single Christian tired of dating and looking for a Godly spouse? 

Look no further! We say 'NO' to Satan and 'YES' to God's blessings for your life.


Don’t give room for satan to steal what Jesus died on the cross for and belongs to you.


YOUR BREAKTHROUGH SINGLE TO MARRIED offers a membership to help you find your path to finding the next biblical steps to what God has ready for you and is waiting for you to take. You'll have full access to the Single to Married studio and more.


'I DO'

The Single to Married studio dives deep with the Holy Spirit. God is with you now, ready to equip you with His strategies, wisdom, and knowledge, if you are willing to receive from Him.

Whether you’re single, preparing for dating, actively dating or courting, in a relationship, engaged, or preparing for marriage, the words of wisdom and guidance through the Holy Spirit will help you find your path to God’s blessing!




take the next steps and choose

  • Smart Starters Package

    (The package is a value of $100+)
    Valid for 2 months
    • Everything in the membership plus ($54 value)
    • Your Breakthrough Single to Married Paperback ($14.95 value)
    • Take God's Hand with Breakthrough Scriptures ($5.75 value)
    • Gratitude Prayer Journal [100 blank pages] ($9.99 value)
    • Gratitude Prayer Journal [Encounter the Word] ($9.99 value)
    • This package is for 2 months worth of membership
    • You will have the option to continue with your membership
    • at the end of the 2 months of this package
  • Single to Married Membership

    Every month
    Monthly Membership
    • Unlimited access to 1:1 coaching via email
    • Weekly live group meetings
    • Private Community
    • Access to all recordings
    • BONUS: 50% 1:1 Zoom coaching
    • BONUS: lessons from Breakthrough for Singles' Bootcamp

Meet Alice
Anointed in Breakthroughs

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Alice is an ordained minister who is anointed in breakthroughs, operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, biblically counsels, coaches, and mentors both men and women to live a life aligned with the Scriptures.

When Alice was single, the Holy Spirit began to reveal the purity of her future husband's heart but she was yet to see a face. By connecting to Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom, biblical principles, and the promises in the Bible, she gained new perspective on how to search and wait for her future spouse.


There were spiritual layers that needed to unfold until God finally brought to her the marital breakthrough she had been travailing for. Because she didn’t stop partnering with God at just one breakthrough, God unraveled one bondage after another and one day, 'aha'- the marriage breakthrough. God blessed Alice and her husband Andrew with marriage.


At the age of 40 she and her husband welcomed their second child into their family. God honors the marriage covenant and His desire is to bless you too. Let's start now to learn more about God's biblical principles that you don't always get to hear from church and encounter God in a way you have never experienced before.


Frequently asked questions:

1. What if I get married in the middle of my membership?

Congratulations! You can cancel your membership at anytime. But here's a fun fact, married couples expressed how much they would have liked to have had these teachings found in the membership before marriage. Some couples have even expressed how helpful it has been in refreshing their current marriage. 

2. Do I need to participate in everything that the membership offers?

You're welcome to participate as much as you are being led to. God does not change who He is and His biblical principles remain that same, but your relationship with Him is real and created for you and Him.

3. What if I am not sure if I am hearing from God?

Hearing God grows when we spend time in His presence, learn more about Him and intentionally listen to Him with the help of biblical counsels and community. In the Bible there are many references of men and women hearing from God and there is nothing in it that indicates we have stopped hearing from him in today's age. The membership will offer you guaranteed growth towards your breakthrough(s).

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